Ceramic Tiling

Ceramic Tiling

Tiling is specified for a wide range of applications within the Food and Beverage, Retail, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Motor industry. Ancorite has a versatile team of skilled tilers who undertake the traditional methods of floor and wall tiling, vibration tiling and acid tiling.

Traditional Tiling

This technique includes the use of ceramic tiles bedded and jointed or grouted in cement or epoxy. Ancorite has experience of many tiling materials, including Slate, Limestone and Granite. The company carries out this traditional method of tiling in retail developments, car workshops and in the industrial sector.

Vibration Tiling

This system provides a fast track solution for tiling. The Ancorite Vibro SD tiling technique includes a semi-dry modified (polymer or fibre) screed laid on to an early stage concrete sub-base. A rectangular or hexagonal vitrified tile is laid onto a polymer slurry and the tile is secured into the screed with a rolling plate vibrator. This whole sequence is undertaken within the same working day and minimizes the requirement for screed or concrete cure. An epoxy or cementitious grout is applied soon after, to provide a super-flat, hard wearing decorative tiled floor. This has been used extensively in the food and beverage industry, but has become popular in the pharmaceutical industry and for main dealer car workshops. Ancorite has generally used the Argelith range of tiles for these applications.

For heavily stressed areas, the Ancorite Vibro HD System has a glass cloth reinforced epoxy under the tiling to reduce permeability. This method is well suited to applications in the brewing industry.

Corrosion Resistant Tiling

This system has been traditionally used for areas of flooring that are under severe chemical or solvent attack. The Ancorite CR system can be used in primary pharmaceutical and chemical environments. The use of a chemical resistant membrane as a secondary barrier, a specialist mortar such as epoxy, furane or vinyl ester together with a vitrified tile provides an impervious barrier against most aggressive chemicals and solvents. The use of a carbon filled mortar and a wire grid provides anti-static properties, a requirement for many pharmaceutical applications.

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