Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring

Resin Systems

Ancorite is a leader in the specification and application of Polyurethane and Epoxy resin coating and screed systems. It is essential that the appropriate system is chosen at the design stage and consideration must be given to traffic, chemical resistance, hygiene requirements, cleaning operations and the expected life of the floor. The FeRFA guide to the Selection of Synthetic Resin Flooring provides useful guidance.

Resin Coating
Ancorite can supply from an extensive range of coatings for warehousing, bund linings and plant rooms. These range from acrylic concrete hardeners to coloured high build coatings. The company is an applicator for BASF Mastertop, Flowcrete, Resdev, RSL, Sika and MC Dur products.

These systems range from a single coat water based sealer to high build epoxy systems. They can have a quartz aggregate strewn in to the body of the resin to provide anti-slip properties.

Projects have been successfully completed for the pharmaceutical, power, petrochemicals and nuclear industries.

Resin Screed
Ancorite supplies and lays heavy duty epoxy and polyurethane resin systems, from 2mm to 9mm, for a wide range of industrial applications. These systems provide a medium to very heavy duty floor for high impact and highly stressed environments and can be supplied with anti-static properties.

Ancorite also offers a range of decorative quartz and flake epoxy and fast curing MMA products for a range of environments. Coving to match the floor is available together with stainless steel or aluminium trims.

Major projects have been successfully completed for clients operating in the food, beverage, petrochemicals and other industries.

For further details and a case study of our resin flooring work click here.

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